How to order jewels

To order one or more jewels please contact João Pereira de Melo, by mobile (+351 96 260 68 55 ) / e-mail ( ) or Liliana Cruz ( +351 96 67 55 414). Another possibility is to fill in the sheet bellow.

You may order one or more jewels of this website or another specific jewel. If a specific jewel is wished the client may design it or order a jewel about a certain theme or with a certain image, shape, material or stone. In addition its possible to order exclusive jewels.

The jewels might be delivered in person (place to be defined), by post or by a shipping company. They are delivered in proper cases.

The price of the articles at this website are free of taxes.

On the prices of the rings it may occur some changes if the rings sizes are different from the ones showed on the webpage. On the order process the client will always be previously informed if this is the case.

The jewels have guaranty except if they are badly used.

You may also offer a jewel voucher (from 50€ on), also delivered in person or sent by post.

Payments in cash or by bank transfer are accepted.


Order sheet


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Bank data for bank transference: Activobank
João Carlos Cordovil de Pereira de Melo
Nib: 0023 0000 45436770265 94
IBAN: PT50 0023 0000 45436770265 94
Bank account nr.:45436770265
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Contacte: João Pereira de Melo * 96 260 68 55
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